Terms and Conditions

Subscription Terms

Service Coverage. Services begin immediately after subscription has been confirmed. The schedule of work will be determined during the onboarding discussion.

The amount of coverage is as follows:

Full-Time Customer Service

Email Support

Standard Plan
Premium Plan

Chat Support

Standard Plan
Premium Plan

Social Support

Standard Plan -
Premium Plan

Phone Support

Standard Plan -
Premium Plan

Account Manager

Standard Plan
Premium Plan

Work days are Mondays to Fridays, 8am to 5pm, and do not include national holidays (e.g., New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) unless you request it from your account manager.

Start and End Date of Service. The go-live date for our services will be immediately after you subscribe to our services. 

After the go-live date, an account manager will get in touch with you to discuss scope of work by the next business day. The designated account manager will attempt to contact you multiple times in case they can’t connect with you. 

For new clients, if ManilaPros can’t integrate with your current systems or any other implementation barriers arise, such as the need for resources to have a deep subject matter expertise, we can cancel your subscription within 14 days from your subscription date for a full refund.

In the duration of your subscription, you can unsubscribe from our services at any time; you will retain access to our services until the end of the billing cycle. Your plan will not automatically renew.

Access to Services. After your go live date, you will be provided communication with your account managers. You can contact us at any time but your account manager will be responding to work related concerns during agreed upon work hours as stated in the “Service Coverage” clause mentioned above.

Client Responsibilities. You are responsible for providing all necessary information and assets about your business, specific tools you use, etc. for a smooth onboarding process. ManilaPros’ onboarding team will be available to assist in the set up of your account.

You are also responsible for providing timely feedback for any escalations, questions, or concerns, as well as providing a key contact person who will act as the liaison between your organization and ManilaPros. 

You acknowledge and agree to cooperate in a timely manner with ManilaPros on the provision of information, feedback, and any other requirement needed by ManilaPros to ensure continuous operations.

Monitoring and Reporting. ManilaPros will handle setup, day-to-day management, and quality assurance (QA) checks for you. Reporting for progress will be provided on a weekly and monthly basis by default.

Ownership. All assets and information ManilaPros uses to render services to you shall be provided to us through your system, with access shared with us only while your plan is active and you have access to our services. ManilaPros will not store any assets or information about you and your customers while providing you our services. 

Indemnity. ManilaPros will not be held liable for any loss of service due to any factor not under our direct control, such as earthquakes, fire, and other acts of god. We will not be held liable for any perceived or real loss due to the services we provide.

Independent Contractors. There is no employee/employer relationship between you and ManilaPros. Both parties are independent contractors. ManilaPros shall not be deemed to be your employee. 

Right to Refuse Service. Without incurring any liability, ManilaPros may refuse to carry out any services that, in the judgment of outside counsel, are illegal or for which ManilaPros has received a warning of illegality from a government source with relevant jurisdiction. If such is determined, ManilaPros will notify you immediately.

ManilaPros does not provide services to any individual company, or entity that promotes abusive and unethical materials, including but not limited to pornography, child sexual exploitation, obscenity, nudity, computer viruses, spamming, illegal drugs, gambling, explosives & firearms, copyrighted materials, racism, violence, discriminative content, and any infringement of privacy.

As part of ManilaPros’ commitment to providing the best services possible, ManilaPros demands a set of rules and regulations to guide our work and protect our relationships with clients and the State and Federal governments. Any behavior that violates ManilaPros’ guidelines and policy may lead to the immediate termination of services. 

Billing Terms

Month to Month Payment. Your subscription begins as soon as your initial payment is processed. Your monthly bill is based on your selected plan. Your subscription will automatically be renewed at the end of each month without notice until you unsubscribe or cancel your subscription through our website. 

When you unsubscribe, you continue to receive ManilaPros services until the end of your billing cycle, after which, your subscription will no longer be automatically renewed, and you no longer have access to ManilaPros services. 

You authorize ManilaPros to enlist third-party service providers who may store your personal information, payment method(s), and bank details for automatic monthly subscription charging purposes only, to be used every month on the same day as your subscription date until you cancel your subscription. 

Upgrade and Downgrade. You cannot upgrade or downgrade your current subscription. But you can unsubscribe from your current subscription and start a new subscription. To do this, you can go to our website, log into your account, end your subscription, and start a new subscription. Alternatively, you can contact your account manager to make your request.

Dormant Account. If there is no subscription activity from your account for a period of 90 days, ManilaPros will tag your account as a dormant account. ManilaPros will do its part in reaching out to you and sending reminders for up to 120 days after your account becomes dormant. After a 120 days notice period with no subscription activity, ManilaPros will automatically set your account to Inactive status.

Other Costs. 

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and other phone call charges are not included in the premium customer service subscription plan. You will need to pay for your VOIP and other phone call charges yourself, while the ManilaPros onboarding team will work with you to set up and integrate our services with your system. 

ManilaPros does not allow overtime work or pay. Your level of coverage depends on your selected plan. If you require more work hours, you can unsubscribe from your current plan and choose a plan with higher coverage to suit your needs.

Account Suspension. If your payment method fails, you authorize ManilaPros to suspend your subscription immediately. Your subscription will be canceled if no payment is received within three days.

Cancellation and 14-day Money Back Guarantee


You may cancel your subscription anytime. You will continue to have access to ManilaPros’ services until the end of the billing cycle. 

ManilaPros may, at any time during the term of your subscription, cancel your subscription upon the occurrence of any of the following events:

14-day Money Back Guarantee

For all new clients, they can unsubscribe from ManilaPros’ Service up to 14 days after they initially subscribe, and they will receive a full refund of the amount they paid on the next billing.

Version History:

Version Number
Change Logs
Last updated
Initial Version
Updates on Cancellation Policy; Right to feature on portfolio
Updates on Cancellation Policy to include Pretermination fee & 5 day cancellation policy Updates on Staffing limit; staffing limit is at 5 FTEsUpdates on Other Costs; no extra charge/ OT allowableUpdates on account cancellation; removal of backup payment optionUpdates on Scaling up; no modification allowed
Added holiday work; updated pre-termination fee to be per FTE
Updated service from providing access to resources to providing resources; conditions of upgrade/downgrade/unsubscribe/cancellation
Added Turnaround Times to Service Coverage; Revised Start and End Date of Service – services begin immediately; Added upgrade and downgrade to Billing Terms; Added instruction to email account manager when requesting changes regarding design credit.
Revised to remove clauses not relevant to customer service; revised plan and rates; removed $1000 cancellation fee
Comments added for further discussion.
Revised customer to client, to avoid confusion with client’s customers in customer service; revised voip and phone call fees; revised duration of inactive accounts; removed cancellation and replaced with 14-day money-back guarantee; replaced upgrade and downgrade with cancellation and subscribing.